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    Virtual warehouse
    Manage your warehouse online.
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    We're a creative team
    We provide digital services on web and mobile platforms.
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    Welcome To Vanguard Distribution
    We don’t just offer warehousing and distribution. We are part of Vanguard Group
    and can offer services including marketing, publishing and printing.


Vanguard Distribution is your virtual warehouse provider. We warehouse, pick pack and distribute on your behalf via our web based online system.

We offer an online system that allows users to manage their warehouse and customer delivery requirements without having to invest in storage space, warehouse technology or employing specialised labour.

We excel at engaging with our clients to understand their existing distribution strategy and offering alternatives to maximise market penetration, ensure value for money and lower transaction costs associated with warehousing via our web based online system.

Virtual logistics

Retain control over your goods without compromising reliability, client experience or costs.

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Excellent Features

Our online system is built for you and delivers a better user experience and delivers 100% transparency.

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Creative ideas

Let our people challenge your distribution strategy and offer solutions.

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Vanguard Distribution is part of Vanguard Group that was established over 40 years ago. Vanguard Group employ an impressive team of professionals with expertise in publishing, marketing, digital development, print, mailing, warehousing distribution.

Let us partner with you to develop your production from inception. We can provide editorial, advertising, design and print specifications to maximise your marketing spend.

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Vanguard Press

Scale and diversified offerings do matter! We invest heavily to ensure we can print a wide range of print from brochures to signage at the highest quality and shortest of production timelines.

Premium Publications

Providing quality, engaging and strategic content and publishing services. Let us help develop your publication to ensure it is a valuable addition to your marketing and customer relations strategy.


A specialist provider to the real estate industry. Vanguardgrafx combine state of the art signage and print production with online and offline graphic design services.

Best Solutions & Approaches

Diverse range of business run independently by professionals with indepth knowledge in their respective fields.

Logistics & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution using our flexible and easy to use online platforms.

Marketing & Design

Creative strategy, brand management, graphic design, advertising ideas, website design and online campaigns


Diverse print solutions from longer run magazines to signage and short run flyers.


Ensure your direct mail is designed correctly to minimise your Australia Post costs and maximise your impact.


Publishing services from content creation to design and advertising services

Our Partners